Helsinki 2007
27.-28. September

Minutes of the meeting:
 Minutes image
(by Juha Joutsen)

Meeting participants:
Photo of participants

Presentation of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport I (Pertti Savisalo)

Presentation of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport II (Pertti Savisalo)

Co-operation between the Airports and Hunters' Organizations in preventing Birds and Game animals from the Aerodromes (Jari Pigg)

Bird control at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in 1978-2007 (Olavi Stenman)

News and comments from BSC USA/Canada 10-13 September 2007 (Odin Leirvåg)

Status of the NBSAG Internet site (Christian K. Aas)

Birdstrike statistics 2002-2007 Finnair (Pekka Kärmeniemi)

Accident to HW-335 Kruunupyy 28 September 2006 (Jouko Saikkonen)

Video animation of the HW-335 accident (Jouko Saikkonen)

Forecasting the bird migration for the Finnish Air Force (Jouko Saikkonen)